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about the artist

Judy Tong Wai Chu (唐慧珠) was born in Shanghai, completed her secondary and university education in England. She lived in Melbourne, Australia for 20 years and is now residing in Hong Kong.  Tong had studied traditional Chinese painting with the masters of the Lingnan School-the late Cheung Shao Zhe (張韶石) and the late Professor Chao Shao’ang (趙少昂).


However, in inheriting the artistic techniques of her teachers, she does not confine to the rules of the traditional Chinese painting.  Her palette is unconventional, often filled with bold colours like rich purple, moody crimson, cerulean blue and gold.  Her colouring is not restricted by the colours of the object depicted but rather is a reflection of the mood of the painting.  The work resulted is imbued with powerful imagery, combining the harmony and refinement of Classical Chinese landscape painting with the colourism of contemporary art.

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