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about her paintings

In her desire to infuse Eastern tradition with Western art, Tong in recent years has started to work on canvases. She combines the medium of ink with acrylic, vivid colours are boldly spattered, and with careful control, allowed to flow on the working surfaces.  Here again her primary concern is not with the precise illustrative description of matters, but with capturing the spirit of the subject.


Tong’s landscape paintings exude calmness and tranquility.  Her style is neither contemporary Western nor traditional Chinese, but a synthesis of both under the influence of Taoist philosophy – in one with nature.


Tong has been exhibiting her works in solo and group exhibitions in Shanghai, Nanjing, Canton, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and the United States. Her works are placed in permanent collections in Australian Chinese Museum Melbourne, Jiang Su Province Art Museum Nanjing, World V.I.P.Centre Sum Shun, the Australian Embassy Kuala Lumpur and in various private collections.

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